• Residential Services

    Comfort for You and Your Family
    Tech Team Inc. have a wide variety of services and products for our residential clients – from installation of new systems to repair of old systems and scheduled maintenance programs.

    We here at Tech Team are committed to helping our clients understand all of the options that exist for their HVAC unit/service problems and determine the most cost efficient solutions.

    We help our clients choose and install total comfort solutions that are right for them and their home. Our technicians help our clients understand the various factors that go into choosing the right heating and air conditioning system for them.

    We help you find the right balance between energy efficiency, cost, temperature control, clean air, user-friendliness, etc.

    Last but not the least, for each client, we make sure we explore and utilize any dealer rebates and financing programs that may exist for products best suited for their needs and home.

    Service and Maintenance
    At Tech Team Inc., we know how important it is to have quick, reliable service when you need it – that’s why our technicians are trained and measured on their response times and customer service. With Tech Team, you can expect to receive service any time of the year, with the quality you want and the reliability you need.

    We also provide basic maintenance programs, which are increasingly popular as our clients understand the benefits.

    Call us to learn more about our maintenance programs, which can help to ensure that your system is operating at high energy efficiency levels, prolong the life of your equipment and potentially help keep your electrical bills from increasing (ex., condenser coils that are dirty and unmaintained can increase your electrical bills).